Meet the team – Adam Cassidy

UK Customer Success Lead and Account Manager


Lumi is excited to welcome Adam Cassidy as our UK Customer Success Lead and Account Manager. With over 12 years’ experience in TV and entertainment industry in London, Adam has produced and cast on many popular shows including The Chase, Celebrity Chase, The Only Way is Essex, Revolution, Tonight at the London Palladium, The Price Is Right, Challenge Dan TDM and many more.

We asked Adam to share a couple of highlights from his diverse career as a producer, and he was quick to note the joy of working at Znak & Co with Glenn Coomber, as a development producer on Ultimate Tag for Fox Networks in America.

“I was heavily involved in the development and casting of the first Ultimate Tag season for the US, coming up with ideas of how contestants had to dodge and dive their way through a series of obstacles as well as casting some of the elite parkour athletes we all know and love as our ‘Pro Taggers’ on the show. It was so much fun,” said Adam.

Adam said he also passionately enjoyed his job with global casting production agency Salt & Lime Media, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, where he worked closely with the Meta marketing team to find unique Facebook Groups and Pages and create impactful content campaigns around them.

“There were so many fun, silly and important Facebook groups and communities that sprung up or grew during Covid. These groups provided support, connection, and entertainment for people who were stuck at home. The campaigns we worked on with Meta around these groups helped spread the word and bring people together during incredibly challenging times. It was so important, so much more than entertainment.”

Since joining Lumi in February 2023, Adam has been putting his production skills to use in a different genre, this time onboarding unscripted productions and teams and helping them make the most of Lumi’s end-to-end production software.

“It’s fantastic to see leading companies and shows onboarding Lumi’s software. I love understanding their specific goals and way of working, then showing teams how to make their projects and workflows smoother and more collaborative.”

What is Adam’s advice for producers worried about finding the time to transition their teams and projects to the new world? “Do it today, don’t delay! Just leave those old systems behind; you won’t regret it. Just because you’re busy or your show already has a set process doesn’t mean you have to stick with old systems and processes. Lumi is timesaving from day one, and we all know how important that is.”

Adam recently onboarded a big show making its 30th series and said he was surprised at how Lumi’s software was already making a positive difference to such a seasoned team and show.

“To see in four weeks how happy the team is working on Lumi and how much better it is for everyone, I think that really says a lot, considering how many seasons they’ve made before, using legacy processes and systems.”

Adam said he sees Lumi as a tangible way the industry can address the critical screen skills shortage and stress on production teams by making better use of everyone’s time.

“For creatives, Lumi is just a better way of working. It’s been designed by producers for producers and is a safe and happy place where everyone can work more productively and share information more easily across every stage of casting and production.”

Lumi is thrilled to have Adam on our team. His extensive experience in casting and production, combined with his passion for helping producers find a better way of working, will undoubtedly bring significant value to our customers.

If you’d like to chat with Adam to find out how you can save time, work more collaboratively and make your work more enjoyable and fulfilling, contact him here.

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