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Say goodbye to outdated technology and administrative drudgery and focus on what you do best – providing exceptional talent and casting services. Let Lumi’s centralised, streamlined system power up your business to find more talent and opportunities and turn around client requests in the shortest possible time frames.

If you’re ready to take on more work, build new revenue streams, and elevate and expand your talent and casting services, then let’s talk! Don’t let old tech hold you back from achieving your ambitions. Say hello to Lumi Real People Talent today!

Grow a secure and well-managed talent pool

With Lumi, your talent pool will grow in one place, with instantly searchable deep profiles, and confidential information, such as contracts and other sensitive data, stored securely in vaults. Nurture your talent more efficiently and with uncompromising security.

Simplify and scale your talent and casting services 

Our software powers up casting specialists to offer more value to your talent pool as you pitch for more projects and efficiently matchmake them with the right opportunities. With your talent always at your fingertips, you can fill client requests quickly and you will be able to attract, engage and nurture the best people, just the way you want to.


Win back time to focus on business

With Lumi, you can streamline and automate many time-consuming parts of the process, so you can spend more time providing the best service and care to your clients and talent.


It’s time to shake up your casting services!

Are you ready to take on more work, build new revenue streams, and expand your services?

We’d love to connect and explore how Lumi’s smart solution can help you grow a well-managed talent pool and gain a competitive edge in the exciting real people talent industry.

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