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Is hidden friction costing you $$$$$?

Are your current productions weighed down by hidden friction resulting in:
  • Wasting vast sums of money travelling more people than is absolutely necessary
  • Losing vital communications between siloed teams
  • Wasting time chasing updates across day/night teams, departments, or time zones
  • Losing critical information day to day
  • Wasting money “doing over” systems each new series and each new production stage
  • Losing knowledge and IP
  • Costing significant budget overruns AND stressing the creatives charged with creating XYZ


Fix it once, fix it forever

With Lumi, your production will become friction-free, leveraging your savings by making more with less.  Standardise and streamline all your systems in one place

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Stories from our customers

Customer Story - Love Island UK and Australia


“Lumi enabled us to bring our casting boards to life and worked incredibly well remotely. We tracked our cast through our shortlisting process and it was fantastic to have all our casting cards in one virtual place.”

Lewis Evans, Series Producer, Love Island UK
Endemol Shine Australia

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Customer Story - Australian Survivor


“Getting my producers set up on the new series
was incredibly quick and easy because everything was already set up and ready to go from the previous series.”

Phoebe McMahon, Series Producer, Australian Survivor
Endemol Shine Australia

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Customer Story - Australia's Got Talent


“If we aren’t in Lumi from the moment we meet them with our eyes we are wasting time and information.”

Digby Mitchell, Executive Producer,
Australia’s Got Talent, Fremantle

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Customer Story - Luxe Listings Sydney


“I’d say Lumi made us four or five times more efficient through post. Of course I had to dedicate some time at the beginning to set it up for our needs, but the payoff once we were off and running was huge. ”

Melinda George, Series Post Producer,
Luxe Listings Sydney, Eureka Productions

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Customer Story - Making Their Mark


“Lumi isn’t about substituting or over-systemising the creative process it’s about giving me the opportunity to focus on the creative process more.”

Sheldon Wynne, Senior Post Producer, Making Their Mark
A JamTV and Amazon Australia co-production

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Lumi is a powerful and intuitive tool that centralises all our story details from the field all the way through post – no more vital story information slipping through the communication cracks.

Steve Oemke, Director of Content
WTFN Productions

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Lumi example dashboard displayed on a laptop

Customise your Lumi to suit every project and way of working

Each Lumi project builds the same way your creative project builds – organically, with the input and decisions of many people. You dictate how Lumi works for you, not the other way around.

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“Lumi’s design allows us to set it up exactly to each production’s needs. We are all Lumi converts and somewhat addicted.”

Steve Oemcke, Director of Content, WTFN Productions


Lumi gives TV and entertainment teams multiple views of the same information

Seamlessly integrate content, teams and workflow

All inputs – such as casting decisions, shoot logs, field notes and production essentials – instantaneously flow across teams and production stages.

Any confidential information such as contracts, PII, HR issues – anything private – can be securely stored in Lumi vaults.

Scale your workforce up and down, bring people up to speed quickly, and provide immediate context for every role.

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“I’m a huge believer in maximising efficiencies on a team and making everyone’s lives as simple, effective, and easy as possible. Lumi is basically the holy grail of all of that.”

Keely Sonntag, Executive Producer, Endemol Shine Australia


Lumi's two-way communication module gives teams the ability to centralise, streamline and organise all project comms

Centralise, streamline and organise all project comms

Lumi’s advanced two-way communication centre means teams can create and send templated emails and text messages to everyone – cast, crew, client, sponsors – from within their project.

The ability to communicate in bulk and then capture, collate and store responses improves team efficiency, reduces duplication and ensures that communication is consistent and trackable at all times, no matter which team member reaches out.


“Being able to filter and batch communicate to a subset of people was awesome. Before we had Lumi that wasn’t easy to do.”

Josie Steele, Series Producer, Love Island Australia, ITV Studios


Lumi Template can be customised to suit your project. Control how information is collected, recorded and stored for greater consistency.

Maximise every production hour

Being able to template how information is collected, recorded and stored brings consistency to the business, removes manual, repetitive steps and ensures nothing is done twice.

Lumi won’t get in the way of the creative process. It will give your team back time to focus on delivering great projects.

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“Working on a production that has multiple moving parts, Lumi has completely simplified what we do and how we do it. We’re no longer searching through multiple folders to get what we need.”

Evan Wilkes, Supervising Executive Producer, Luxe Listings Sydney, Eureka Productions


Lumi gives management real-time oversight of every project

Real-time management visibility over every project

Increase the impact and influence of senior staff by giving them the full picture and the detail of every project. Understand where money is being spent, catch mistakes early, make agile assessments and provide immediate support to teams, regardless of proximity.


“Lumi has enabled executives on the show to be immediately responsive to a story that happens in the field.”

Daniel O’Sullivan, Producer, Making Their Mark,
A JamTV co-production with Amazon Australia


Lumi's enterprise platform has been built by leading software architects with decades of experience in secure and scalable systems and data management.

Secure and scalable

Our enterprise platform has been built by leading software architects with decades of experience in secure and scalable systems and data management.

Lumi is powered by Microsoft Azure and protected by Cloudflare and Secure Stack. Lumi has strong user authentication (Okta and Identity Server integrations, plus 2FA) and encrypts data in transit and at rest.

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Projects of all types and sizes use Lumi, including:

Drive efficiency and positive productivity

Experience the collaborative work management platform designed by producers for producers

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