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Lumi Production Crew Hub seamlessly manages the personnel and logistics of your production village. Designed by producers, Lumi is both a workspace for your production team and a centralised source of information for your entire crew.

Bring everything together in one place that is secure and up to date. Publish information and updates as you work, and simplify how your extended team receives information.

If you’re ready to transform how you manage your people and logistics, Lumi Production Crew Hub is the solution you need.

Everything production and crew related, in one place.

A central workspace

Lumi is where your team works, not a system to be updated. With everything in one place, you can track and manage all the moving pieces – from caterers to crew, transport, licences, OH&S, parking, accommodation and more. 

Your production team will save time and make sure everyone gets to the right place at the right time.


“Taking on Lumi was a brilliant decision by WTFN because it has implemented protocols and set frameworks for freelancers to come in and work with our systems, not bring in their systems. Lumi acts as a ‘bible’ for all programs and for new staff coming on board.”

Sandi Austin, Senior Production Manager,

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Move between daily dashboards to get the information you need. No training required.

Bring your whole crew into Lumi

It is smarter and more efficient to bring your team into Lumi, rather than send information out.

With customisable digital dashboards, you can display real-time information that keeps everyone connected and informed.


“Working on a production with multiple moving parts,
Lumi has completely simplified what we do
and how we do it.”

Evan Wilkes, Supervising Executive Producer,
Luxe Listings Sydney

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 Control what and how you share information with the wider production village

Publish as you go

Work in Lumi and publish information for the extended village. Lumi Vaults restrict who sees what, so you only share relevant information with the broader team and only when you’re ready.

“Being able to filter and batch communicate to a subset of people was awesome. Before we had Lumi, that wasn’t easy to do.”

Josie Steele, Series Producer,
Love Island Australia, ITV Studios

Universal updating saves time and reduces duplication

Update everyone automatically as you work

Lumi works in real-time everywhere, including automatically updating every change, modification and decision. Need to notify the team of an urgent update? No problem. Send a bulk SMS or email to everyone, or a select group, from Lumi’s inbuilt communication centre.

Try Lumi today and experience the benefits of a dynamic system that keeps everything at your fingertips and makes your work easier and more efficient.

“Getting my producers set up on the new series was incredibly quick and easy because everything was already set up and ready to go from the previous series.”

Phoebe McMahon, Series Producer,
Australian Survivor

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Onboarding is fast and effective with Lumi

Onboard people faster

Get your team up to speed quickly and efficiently. Lumi helps seamlessly onboard personnel whenever and wherever they join your production.

All the information your team needs such as a project overview ‘bible’, emergency contact numbers, notices, ‘how-to’ videos and other relevant information can be added to a shared dashboard, accessible by the whole team at any time and from any location.

Effortlessly update information for the team in one place to ensure everyone is well-informed and ready to contribute effectively.

Creative projects of all types and sizes use Lumi


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