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Lumi Co timeline and development history

About Lumi

Lumi.Media was founded in 2016 by TV and entertainment producers who knew there was a better way for editorial teams to work together.

Our vision is to empower creative teams to reach new levels of productivity at every stage of the production lifecycle. Lumi is the software that doesn’t feel like software. It’s visual, always live, fully searchable and customisable to suit any editorial project and way of working. You truly dictate the way Lumi works for you, not the other way around.

What we do

Our powerful, visual platform is revolutionising how creative teams CAST, CREW and PRODUCE screen content around the world for Quiz and Talent shows, Reality and Variety TV, Sports streaming, Agencies and more. Any high-performance editorial team with ambitious content-making goals will work better together on Lumi.

Designed by producers, especially for the TV and entertainment industry, the dynamic utility of your Lumi cards build the same way your creative project builds – organically, with the input and decisions of many people.  Lumi doesn’t get in the way of the creative process and gives you more time to focus on what’s important to you – getting your project made successfully.

You’ve got all the great people. Lumi powers them up so they can be their best together.

Trusted by industry leaders and innovators

TV and entertainment shows that choose Lumi

Lumi is collaborative work management software that connects the whole team to the whole story and maximises productivity at every stage.

  • Designed by producers for professional TV and entertainment production teams
  • Every production hour is maximised, with more consistency, reduction in manual effort and nothing is lost or done twice
  • Seamlessly integrates content, teams, and workflows across every stage of production
  • Assimilates applicants, cast, crew, and production
  • Visual dashboards provide management and crew visibility and real-time updates on what’s happening everywhere
  • Advanced two-way communication features centralise, streamline, and organise all project interactions
  • IP in one place, always growing, instantly searchable, stored and available forever
  • Secure and scalable enterprise platform – created by leading software architects with security built in from the start
  • Creative teams dictate the way Lumi works for them, not the other way around

Karen Dewey


Karen is one of Australia’s leading screen producers.


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Karen has experience in documentary, factual, entertainment and reality television. She has produced, created, and supervised programs for all the Australian broadcasters – networks 9,10,7, the ABC, and SBS.

Karen is a skilled and innovative “showrunner” and systems leader. She is adept at managing big teams, tight deadlines and is a specialist in casting and development.

Karen is passionate about the potential of the Lumi platform to help creative, event and screen production companies in Australia and around the world to work better together.

Neil Dewey

COO & Head of Design

Neil is an expert I.T. systems architect with over 35 years of experience.


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He has successfully designed and built systems in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. In 1997 Neil founded Distillery Software where he built systems that are now in place at many of Australia’s Intelligence and Police agencies.

Neil excels in building committed, motivated, development teams and is passionate about delivering tools to make the jobs of people in creative industries easier and better.

Amelia Barry

Head of User Experience

Amelia has over a decade of television experience.


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Amelia has produced for every network in Australia, streaming service Netflix and led content for Uber and Uber Eats across ANZ. She has worked for streaming service Netflix and led content for Uber and Uber Eats across ANZ.

Amelia brings a passion for storytelling and an eye for how digital automation can improve content creation processes. Having founded two of her own successful software businesses, she is no stranger to technology and knows what it takes to scale.

Amelia drives the Lumi user experience, bringing her deep industry knowledge to the table as she empowers our screen content, experience, and casting users to work with great clarity, efficiency and focus.

Rachel Moses-Falecki

Senior Producer

Rachel is a specialty casting expert with over two decades of television experience.

Julie Westrup

Head of Sales and Marketing

Julie brings sales and marketing experience gained across a diverse range of industries.

Danielle Arena

Customer Success Manager

Dani is a customer success specialist with 10 years of experience.

Communication industries are full of talented, resourceful, and dedicated people and I’m excited about how Lumi can help them take their products to another level.

Karen Dewey, CEO & Co-founder

Our tech team is passionate about problem-solving. It’s been exciting to work with Karen and the creative team to “map out their brains” in our platform.  It’s been the most satisfying work of my career to deliver Lumi tools that make the jobs of people in creative industries easier and better.

Neil Dewey, COO, Head of Design & Co-founder

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