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Lumi makes casting, crewing, and production better, faster, and easier. With everyone working in Lumi and everything visible and connected, it is easier to make better decisions.

All inputs instantaneously flow from pre-production through to delivery.  Being able to template how information is collected, recorded and stored brings consistency to the business, removes manual, repetitive steps and ensures nothing is done twice. Lumi won’t get in the way of the creative process. It will give your team back time to focus on what’s important to your audience – making great content.


Because Lumi is designed by producers for producers, each Lumi hub builds the same way a creative project does – organically, with the input and decisions of many people. The team dictates the way Lumi works for them, not the other way around. Lumi doesn’t get in the way of the creative process. Instead, it empowers teams and gives them more time to focus on what they love most – producing great content for audiences.

Most collaboration, team and project management software is not bespoke enough to meet the needs of creative teams, especially those with ambitious content-making goals. Point solutions might work for one or two people or projects, but they don’t scale across large projects, they don’t integrate content, workflow and team collaboration, or easily adapt to each team’s workflow demands.

Lumi’s powerful collaborative work management platform is always live, fully searchable, and customisable to suit any editorial project and way of working. Each Lumi project builds the same way a creative project builds – organically, with the input and decisions of many people. You dictate how Lumi works for you, not the other way around.

Any high-performance team with ambitious content-making goals works better together on Lumi. Lumi’s collaborative work management platform is designed by producers for the TV and entertainment industry.

The dynamic utility of Lumi cards means each Lumi hub is easily customisable to suit any editorial project and creative way of working. The platform works best for projects and organisations where many people and moving pieces must come together to deliver a project.

Lumi is revolutionising how teams cast, crew and produce screen content around the world for Quiz and Talent shows, Reality and Variety TV, Sports streaming, Agencies and more.

Lumi scales to meet the needs of small, medium, and large organisations.

No matter what size your team is, how quickly projects fire up, where your team members are located or the genre/format of your project, Lumi provides a configurable, secure hub that enables your people to work productively and securely, using familiar tools, supported by industry experts.

Lumi’s enterprise platform is built by leading software architects with decades of experience in secure and scalable systems and data management. Lumi is powered by Microsoft Azure and protected by Cloudflare and Secure Stack. Lumi has strong user authentication (Okta and Identity Server integrations, plus 2FA) and encrypts data in transit and at rest.How secure is Lumi?Lumi is deployed on Microsoft Azure’s SaaS service. Download Lumi’s security guide.

Lumi facilitates an exceptional casting experience for both applicants and teams – for shows, events, competitions or even organisations looking for creative talent.  Applicants are engaged from their first touch, and producers gain better insight to find the right people faster.

All applicant information is visible and accessible from the moment it hits the centralised inbox, moving seamlessly through the talent pool, to shortlist and then production. Teams can effortlessly manage candidates and communicate at scale with an infinite number of people. Customised applicant cards are automatically created for each application, and this grows and moves with each relevant project, forever. There’s also a built-in fee-recovery option, enabling cost-recovery or even revenue-generating applications.

All inputs within Lumi – such as casting decisions, shoot logs, field notes and production essentials – are captured in Lumi as people work, and instantaneously flow across teams and production stages. Every single word is searchable, which means everything that ever happened at every stage of the production is instantly available, within the cards and documents. You’ll never waste time searching through files and folders and across applications again – everything is there in your Lumi, forever.

Any confidential information such as contracts, PII, HR issues – anything private – can be securely stored in Lumi vaults – but only people with permissions can see it.

Lumi helps teams ensure that critical health, safety, welfare and other issues are addressed and recorded in a systematic and timely way. For example, producers can create, track and upload releases and compliance trackers, ensuring nothing goes to air without permission. Organisations can also store and grow profiles of every candidate who ever applied, was interviewed or was employed, including keeping a record of essential information such as pay-rates, licenses and feedback.

Lumi increases the impact and influence of senior staff by providing the full picture and the detail of every project. Project and organisational executives can quickly understand where money is being spent, catch mistakes early, make agile assessments and provide immediate support to teams regardless of proximity.

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