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Lumi Editorial and Gallery improves information flow and collaboration within TV and entertainment teams so you can unleash every person’s full potential.

From Pre-Production to Field and Post, Lumi seamlessly integrates content, teams and workflow, centralising and enhancing real-time collaboration, workflow automation and communication. Designed by producers, Lumi’s advanced features empower your team to work smarter and more efficiently.

If you’re ready to elevate your team, Lumi Editorial and Gallery is the solution you need. We can help you transform your production process with our game-changing software.

Maximise every production hour and bring your vision to life

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Live Logs: simultaneous multi-logger capability

Deliver information more efficiently from Field to Post

Capture everything in one place, at the source. Reduce duplication and rework because your teams only ever do things once, and everything seamlessly flows across every stage and team – for example, cast notes, photos, sizzles, planning, challenges, interviews, shot logs, story arcs, consents, updates and plot twists.

Live logging allows multiple users to capture notes simultaneously and effortlessly communicate with the Post team. Everyone stays connected, and every team always has the latest information.


“After 11 years of A and E there were lots of systems and processes in place. When we introduced Lumi, it gave us a chance to review what was really necessary. One week in and we realised there were lots of things we no longer needed – Lumi was doing it all.

With everything in one place it was so much easier to find everything – all linked to one patient card.”

Louise Bartmann, Series Producer,
24 Hours in A&E, ITV Studios UK

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Change something in one place in Lumi and it changes everywhere

Access real-time overviews for faster response times

Take back control of your project with Lumi’s real-time overviews that deliver critical information efficiently. Easily switch between macro and micro views to better manage your workload and make quick, agile assessments.

“As a means of keeping track of all our stories, contacts
and episode breakdowns, Lumi has been invaluable on
Bondi Rescue and helps make a very complicated post-production process so much easier.”

Michael Cordell, Executive Producer,
Bondi Rescue

Customised templates are replicable from season to season

Maintain continuity of production with a freelance staff base

Customised templates and dashboards speed up your onboarding and provide a uniform way for your whole team to collect and navigate information.

Templates are replicable from season to season, reducing setup time and ensuring freelance staff hit the ground running, stay connected and can focus on what they do best during their time with you.

“Lumi enabled a cooperative workflow between casting, location and edit teams.

I believe it has made for a higher quality product.”

Stuart Harrison, Series Producer,
Great Auction Showdown, STV

Universal updating saves time and reduces duplication

Save your team time with automated updates across your lists

Lumi’s dynamic solution streamlines your production tracking and eliminates significant pieces of manual work.

With everything universally updating and the ability for micro and macro views, managing multiple lists and keeping track of production elements has never been easier. Say goodbye to the headache of manually updating multiple lists and keeping track of changes – Lumi automates the process and saves your team valuable time.

Try Lumi today and experience the benefits of a dynamic system that keeps everything at your fingertips and makes your work easier and more efficient.

“Lumi saved me time; it saved my field team time
and kept everything in one place.”

Lauren Rudd, Executive Producer,
Paramedics – Season 4

Bring your project to life
with Lumi’s customisable visual board views

Visualise your show

Lumi is a comprehensive solution that can help your creatives see their projects more clearly and bring their vision to life.

Customisable visual boards can be adapted to suit your specific project requirements, helping you focus on the micro-details of an episode or the macro-themes of an entire series. You can see how your project is evolving at every stage of the creative process, collaborate in real-time, make adjustments on the fly and ensure everyone is on the same page from the earliest ideation to the final stages of post-production.

Whether you’re a producer, director, writer, or any other creative professional, Lumi can help you bring your vision to life. Don’t wait – confidently visualise your next project using Lumi Editorial and Gallery.

“Lumi isn’t about substituting or over-systemising the creative process; it’s about giving me the opportunity to focus on the creative process more.”

Sheldon Wynne, Senior Post Producer, Making Their Mark
An Amazon Australia and JamTV co-production

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