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Tips to getting a balanced cast
The art of casting

Casting is a delicate art form. There are the seemingly obvious things to look out for like making sure a diverse, balanced range of people are cast in terms of ethnicity, gender, age etc. But what else do casting producers have on their checklist?

It’s time to stop making do and start doing more

Innovation in production can be slow but finding the sweet spot between fresh ideas and well-earned experience is where opportunity lies.

How personal tech is driving expectations at work

The more intuitive technology solves our problems at home, the more we wonder where it is while we’re at work.

‘If it ‘ain’t broke, don’t fix it?’

The cost of thinking ‘it’s almost right so it’ll do for now’ is that your losing money, time, and the competition is speeding ahead of you.


Introducing Lumi

A dynamic approach to content making empowering high-performance production teams to reach new heights of creativity and productivity.

Lumi Casting

Lumi’s end-to-end casting management solution helps creative production teams work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Lumi Crewing

Lumi’s crewing and resource management solution helps teams work as efficiently and effectively as possible by offering consistency and consolidation of information in one hub.

Lumi's enterprise platform has been built by leading software architects with decades of experience in secure and scalable systems and data management.
Lumi Security Guide

Security of your information is a high priority at Lumi.Media. Find out how we’re keeping your data safe.

Case Studies

Beyond Productions: Pooch Perfect USA

Lumi enabled Pooch Perfect to be made in a shortened timeframe with a reduced budget by providing one source of truth – in real-time, searchable, accurate, and complete.

A director’s perspective

Lumi provided immediate context and real-time information to every person in every role. Information was disseminated instantly and updated for everyone automatically.


Lumi enabled Racing.Com to bring everything into one hub and transition old-fashioned processes by providing the visibility required to run the business in the most efficient way possible.

Post-production and Lumi

Lumi enabled the post-production team of “Making Their Mark” to focus on the creative process by providing one source of truth – in real-time, searchable, accurate, and complete.

Maximise every production hour

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