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Step up to Lumi Casting, a revolutionary solution that takes casting beyond the initial call-out and screening process and into production. Your entire team can work smarter and more efficiently in one place, leveraging each other’s insights to find and manage your ideal cast.

Lumi centralises all applicant information and seamlessly integrates content, teams and workflow through casting and across your entire project.

Get ready to unlock the full potential of your team with Lumi Casting.

Collaborative casting software designed by producers, for producers

Watch this short video to see how Lumi’s end-to-end platform helps teams find and manage the best cast for every project.

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Collaborate with your team to build candidate dossiers simultaneously

Everything about each candidate, in one place

Lumi Casting offers a live environment where members of your team, including producers, prod. managers, coords and lawyers collaborate seamlessly to build candidate dossiers simultaneously.

Each candidate’s growing bank of information is visible, centralised and accessible from a single card. Customised templates guide your team to collect information in a consistent way throughout the project – from audition notes, bios and interview questions, to consents, communication and media.

All casting decisions, insights and observations are recorded in one place as they happen, ensuring everyone is always on the same page.

“Having a live document that multiple casting producers could comment in at the same time was a game changer. By the time the applicant exited the room we already knew whether they were a yes or a no without having to say a word to one another!” 

Alex Mavroidakis, Supervising Executive Producer,
Love Island Australia, ITV Studios

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Streamline audition management and production tracking with Lumi Casting

Universal updates and real-time overviews

Ditch outdated processes that slow you down. With everything universally updating and the ability for micro and macro views, Lumi Casting streamlines your audition management and production tracking, eliminating significant pieces of manual work.

Real-time overviews deliver critical information efficiently, so you no longer need to rely on others for updates or keep everything in your head.

“I’m a huge believer in maximising efficiencies on a team and making everyone’s lives as simple, effective, and easy as possible. Lumi is basically the holy grail of all of that.” 

Keely Sonntag, Head of Unscripted TV,
ITV Studios Australia

One central inbox makes team management of applicants easy

One central inbox and a self-managed application builder

Lumi’s self-managed application builder is the ultimate tool for casting producers. With customisable templates and mobile-first forms, applicants will be more engaged and can easily apply from any device. Automatic reminders for partially completed forms reduce your effort and keep applications flowing.

Having one central Inbox allows for easier management of applicants. Lumi’s powerful segmentation tools can refine candidates using search and filtering functions, which means your producers can rate and refer candidates and add them to boards and trackers, all from the Inbox.

No more hassle of managing casting applications at scale – Lumi has you covered!

“The more I used it the more I loved it. Once you unlock the power of the platform it is really mind blowing” 

Gary Hawker, Series Post Producer, Luxe Listings Toronto,
McGillivray Entertainment Media Inc. for Amazon

Send bulk communications to whole groups, or filtered subsets from Lumi

Communicate with applicants where you manage everything else

Reaching out to applicants at scale is a breeze on Lumi. Remove your headache of individually calling and emailing potential cast members. Instead, Lumi’s advanced communication centre lets you send bulk communications to whole groups, or filtered subsets of your applicants.

All responses are received in a central Inbox and your lists update automatically as each response comes in. You’ll never waste time copying and pasting or manually updating shared spreadsheets again!

“Lumi is clear, easy to use and there is a great flow between the field and post team. Our producers can all make real time updates and work collaboratively with all the information you would normally spend hours finding, all in one place. ” 

Jack Langdon, Associate Producer, Real Housewives of Sydney,
Matchbox Pictures for Binge

Reduce manual work with digital bios and visual pitch boards

Digital bios, custom exports and visual pitch boards

Lumi makes it effortless for your team to create and share cast bios. On-demand exports instantly turn digital bios into a custom format for hard-copy or PDF distribution if required.

Visual boards enable you to drag and drop candidate cards as you play around with options. Your client pitch meetings will also be enhanced by slick digital presentations delivered directly from the platform.


Unlock the full potential of your team

Take casting beyond the initial call-out and screening process and into production

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