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Lumi’s powerful and intuitive platform connects the whole team to the whole story

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Seamlessly integrate content, teams and workflow

Lumi’s collaborative work management software is designed by producers to empower creative teams to maximise their productivity at every stage of the production lifecycle.

Our powerful SaaS platform has been built by leading software architects with decades of experience in secure and scalable enterprise systems and data management.

Lumi is the only collaborative work management software that seamlessly integrates content, teams and workflow across every stage of production

Bring all the pieces of your project together

Provide immediate context for every role by simplifying information sharing and workflow across the entire lifecycle of production.

Lumi is always live, fully searchable, and easily customised to suit any editorial project and way of working. The dynamic utility of Lumi cards means that every Lumi hub builds the same way each creative project builds – organically, with the input and decisions of many people. Lumi doesn’t get in the way of the creative process – it brings all the pieces of the project together in one place, giving valuable people more time to focus on getting their projects delivered successfully.

Grow knowledge over time

Lumi cards hold all the information your team needs to know.

Behind every card is your whole team, automatically updating
the project and each other as they work. The more information
is added, the richer your knowledge base becomes.

Everything in one place

Cards are a deep resource that holds everything from
text and images to communication, media and
searchable logs.

Every detail, photo, link and decision on a card adds
depth and context to your project. Nothing is ever lost.

Lumi example dashboard displayed on a laptop

Easy to customise

The dynamic utility of Lumi cards means they work well for whatever a team needs – a person, a location, a story, an episode – anything.

This flexibility makes it easy to adapt Lumi to suit your project.

See things your way

Filter, sort and track your cards and pull them
through systems trackers, lists and visual boards.

Switch between micro and macro views to
get the full picture and the detail.

Access from anywhere

The information on Lumi Cards is available to everyone
on the team to use in whatever way they want,
accessible from any location.

Universal updates

Real-time universal updates mean you always
see the most recent, up-to-date information.

Connected production

Lumi Production

Give everyone on your team immediate context for their role, no matter when they join a project, and from wherever they work.


Lumi Casting

Discover and manage talent – from applicant registration through to project delivery – securely in one place.


Lumi Crewing

Find the best person for every job, quickly and easily. Lumi helps you get from talent pool to shortlist faster.


Maximise every production hour

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