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Transform content production workflows with Lumi

Have you ever calculated how much time you spend trawling files and folders to find information?

Collaborating on large, fast-paced productions using online file directories such as Sharepoint, Google Drive, and Dropbox can become confusing and inefficient as projects progress, information multiplies, and team members come and go.

But hold onto your seats because Lumi is revolutionising the game! Say goodbye to old-school and step into a content production-focused environment that goes beyond ordinary data management.

What sets Lumi apart? What impressed the MIPCOM 2023 Content Awards judges enough to grant Lumi the “Sustainability and Innovation Award”? And why are TV and entertainment companies, including renowned names like ITV, WTFN, AFL Media and Nova Radio, switching?

The Convergence of Data, Workflow, and Communication

While platforms like Sharepoint can capture disparate data sources, Lumi takes it a step further, focusing on what happens after the data has been collected and how that data is turned into a great TV show. The convergence of data, workflow, and communication drives positive productivity by connecting the whole team to the whole story, providing immediate context for every role.

Real-Life Success Stories with Lumi

ITV Studios embraced the power of Lumi for unscripted shows including Love Island and 24 Hours in A&E. Love Island has significantly benefited from Lumi’s seamless applicant tracking system, allowing teams to adapt swiftly to changes and ensuring a wide pool of readily available casting options. Meanwhile, on ’24 Hours in A&E,’ Lumi has streamlined collaboration between the hospital floor and gallery teams, efficiently managing over 1,100 patient stories and 2,000 staff cards per season. It’s been a game-changer for their workflow.

WTFN strategically adopted Lumi across the entire organization, establishing a cohesive, centralized, and secure system. This move has resulted in standardized processes across their production slate, reducing editing time, savings in overtime costs, faster onboarding, and improved overall accuracy. The comprehensive benefits of this centralized approach have significantly enhanced their production efficiency and overall output quality.

Over at AFL Media, Lumi plays a pivotal role as the central digital hub, seamlessly integrating commercial content deliverables from briefing to production and delivery. By efficiently managing information flow across teams, Lumi has become instrumental in ensuring smooth operations and high-quality content creation.

Benefits of Lumi Over Static File Directories

  • Effortless Information Retrieval: Lumi enables users to find, report, search, collate, and display information on the fly. Unlike static file directories, there’s no need to visit each piece of information individually, saving valuable time.
  • Data Integrity: Quickly identifying missing data, such as consent forms, ensures data integrity and compliance.
  • Collaborative Work Management: Lumi fosters real-time collaboration, capturing decisions for future reference, all in one centralized platform.
  • Streamlined Communication: Say goodbye to hunting through various communication channels. Lumi consolidates all production-related discussions in one place, eliminating the need to scour through emails, texts, or messaging apps.
  • Seamless Workflow Integration: Lumi provides downstream access to key information, facilitating smooth transitions into post-production stages.
  • Repeatability and Templates: Lumi’s templated approach saves significant time and resources, especially for recurring shows, ensuring consistency and quality across productions.
  • Centralized Data Repository: By consolidating everything in one place, Lumi eradicates disconnection and silos, eliminating the need for double entry.
  • On-Demand Information: Information is captured at the source, be it on mobile devices or elsewhere, and is instantly available on demand. No more delays in sending or receiving vital information.
  • Workflow Optimization: Lumi isn’t just about capturing data; it optimizes workflows, ensuring that every production hour is maximised.

Conclusion: Lumi Redefines Production Excellence

Winning the ‘Sustainability and Innovation Award’ at MIPCOM 2023 and the InnovationAus Award for Excellence in Creative Tech and Software 2023, underscores Lumi’s role in revolutionising the global TV and entertainment production landscape. In essence, Lumi is a catalyst for transforming how productions come to life. Lumi empowers production companies to create compelling content while maximising efficiency and collaboration by offering a seamless convergence of data, workflow, and communication.

Embrace the power of Lumi, elevate your team and unleash every person’s full potential.


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