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Head of Sales


We are excited to officially welcome Daniel (Dan) Climent to the Lumi family as the Head of Sales, based in Spain.

Dan is a seasoned commercial leader and brings the right kind of passion, values and mindset to help guide our team’s global expansion.

Before joining Lumi and relocating to Spain, Dan clocked up 20 years in software, most recently as a Cloud Account Director at Oracle, and prior to that with a number of Australian software start-ups, including a long stint with successful workforce management solution company RITEQ, where he held national and regional sales leadership roles.

Dan’s relocation from Australia to Spain took 3 months, spent travelling with his family across France and Spain before unpacking his bags to live in Valencia.

“Without any prompting from me, my wife and kids fell in love with a place that’s about 10 minutes from where I grew up. So, I now find myself riding my mountain bike to a forest where I played as a kid, in trenches left from the Spanish Civil War. How cool is that?”

Dan jumped at the opportunity to spearhead Lumi’s global growth from Spain, believing it shows his children the value and opportunity of taking calculated risks and moving out of your comfort zone.

“I moved from Spain to Australia when I was 12 and had to learn a new language and explore a completely new world. I’m now doing the reverse for my kids.”

Outside his comfort zone is a place where Dan clearly thrives, and he’s embracing the chance to study the fast-paced TV and entertainment industry and its digital transformation.

“I love to admit that I don’t know something. It takes courage to say you don’t know, particularly in a knowledge economy, but that’s how you keep learning.”

As a newbie to the industry, Dan quickly noted an important difference in the TV industry’s digital transformation journey.

“This industry is all about speed, speed, speed. There’s no time for anything to slip due to production schedules and the freelancer nature of it. When a project is on, it’s totally on and the organisations flex up and down per project.”

“This is different to many other software industries, where a project is often meticulously planned and getting it up and running goes on for many months. In the TV and entertainment game, software like Lumi must become useful very quickly.”

The speed and ease of the Lumi platform roll out is like nothing he’s seen before.

“Even when customers try Lumi out on a single production, they can immediately see the time, cost, security and management benefits. Lumi offers so much scope for rapid automation, efficiency gains and consistency and I genuinely think it’s more critical now than ever because these teams are all being asked to do more with less.”

Dan is energised by the opportunity to help Lumi’s customers, but he also stressed the importance of work-life balance.

“For anyone to show up and do your best work you’ve got to be happy and balanced. So I make time to get on my bike, play my guitar, play with the kids and talk in Spanish with the whole family.”

Dan believes Lumi is playing an important role in promoting better work-life balance in the TV and entertainment industry.

“The constant challenge of doing more with less puts a lot of pressure on producers and I’ve met companies where some teams say they are working 24/7. That’s often because people must do their work and then they also have to update various different systems so that people downstream or their managers can have access to information.”

He believes Lumi is a game changer to reduce overtime and burnout in the industry.

“Because people do their work on Lumi, they capture every piece of information and decision right there, on the fly. That means when the workday is done, it is really done.  This also has an added benefit of creating a single source of truth, because everything captured in one place and instantly searchable.”

Apart from the functionality, Dan was struck from the first time he saw Lumi by the fact that the software itself is “so beautiful”.

“I don’t just mean that it looks nice, although it really does, but Lumi is intuitive and visual and user friendly. That really matters these days, especially within creative industries.”

Dan is loving meeting customers and stakeholders and said that everyone he meets has the same reaction.

“As soon as people see Lumi they immediately get it. They can see that it’s been designed by producers for producers and that it will really help them. I’m yet to come across anybody who, after even a short meeting, doesn’t say: Yes! This is something I want.”

Creativity and the creative process is something Dan spends a lot of time thinking about.

“Every single production works completely differently so our focus at the start of every project is understanding what outcomes that particular team is looking for and then we quickly customise the system, workflow and interactions people will have within it, so Lumi can achieve those outcomes for them.”

Don’t expect Dan to get comfortable in his role at Lumi. He’s too excited about the opportunity for that.

“I’m really thrilled to think that within the next few years, Lumi’s team effort and software capability is going to lead to creative people doing things better in such a visible way.”

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