ITV America changes physical production game

with Lumi

In a game-changing partnership, ITV America has joined forces with Lumi to transform the landscape of physical production, particularly in managing the intricate web of crew coordination.

Working hand in hand with the Love Island USA physical production team, Lumi is redefining how over 400 roles are filled and managed. This collaboration reshapes the management of logistics and updates, ensuring seamless workflows.

“Using Lumi has empowered teams across multiple locations to stay organised, and given Production managers confidence in organising their crew, travel and financials to suit their specific production needs. Lumi’s flexibility allows you the freedom to move away from multiple grids and duplication and errors that come with human data entry. It offers unparalleled visibility and is a great collaboration tool. Lumi is very intuitive and brings an ease of reporting that we’ve yet to experience. Their service team is well versed in Film/TV and is readily available to help you curate a program that works for you.”

Amy Castillo, ITV America Production, Travel Projects Manager.

How Lumi is elevating the production process

  1. Scalable crew outreach:
    • Lumi enables the team to reach out and communicate with crew members consistently at scale, all through a centralised inbox.
  2. Centralised information hub:
    • All vital information, from crew profiles to transport and accommodation, is now visible and centralised. This ensures everyone is on the same page, promoting streamlined collaboration.
  3. Efficient people logistics management:
    • Lumi streamlines the management of people logistics, covering travel, accommodation, schedules, contracts, emergency contacts, licenses and more.
  4. Seamless information flow:
    • Custom workflows update the team automatically. New hire? Travel status shifts to “ready,” and is instantly added to the travel producer’s list.
    • “What normally takes 100 emails back and forth is automated workflow in Lumi.” Karen Dewey, CEO, Lumi Media
  5. Companion App runs crew on the ground:
    • When teams hit the ground, Lumi’s new app will simplify information sharing, connecting and informing the extended team in real time.


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