Fremantle Australia transforms casting process

with innovative Lumi Databank

In a move that transforms the casting process for ‘house’ shows, Fremantle Australia has developed a comprehensive databank using Lumi Casting Hub. This enterprise-grade platform streamlines how candidates are sourced, managed, and retained for future productions.

Gone are the days of managing multiple inboxes for applications and communication. Candidates complete a streamlined mobile-first application process, and submissions seamlessly flow into a central inbox, providing producers easy access to a pool of potential talent.

One of the standout features of this innovative system is its powerful segmentation tools, allowing producers to refine candidates using advanced search and filtering functions, then rate and refer candidates, adding them to boards and lists, all from the inbox.

Moreover, the communication centre within the databank consolidates all interactions with candidates, regardless of which team member initiated the outreach. This centralised hub simplifies communication and ensures that valuable candidate data is never lost or duplicated.

A key benefit of Fremantle Australia’s databank within Lumi is the ability to build comprehensive candidate profiles and retain them for future reference. Even if a candidate isn’t cast in a current series, their information remains securely stored with permission, providing a valuable asset for future productions.

Beyond streamlining the casting process, this approach also underscores Fremantle Australia’s commitment to data security and compliance. By retaining ownership of all data and contacts within its databank, the company remains proactive in meeting regulatory requirements, including GDPR-type compliance, thus future-proofing its casting processes.

With Fremantle Australia’s innovative databank powered by Lumi, the future of casting for ‘house’ shows looks brighter than ever. By leveraging advanced technology and best practices, the company continues to set new standards for efficiency, precision, and compliance in the entertainment industry.


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