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Lumi’s application and registration module is now available

You’re working on a great format, with a stellar team, and as with all productions these days, as you hit the ground running the boss reminds everyone that timelines and budgets are tight.

Your role? Casting.

People are your bread and butter. Finding the proverbial needle in a haystack is what you do and the pressure is on to find the next “stars” for this season.  If you had a dollar for every time someone said to you “the cast will make or break this show…” No pressure right?!

You’ve spent days that you don’t really have, going back and forth with techies to get the application form just right.  You cross your fingers and hope that the questions you’ve asked in this first round will give you enough to start the sorting and rating process.

Then the applications start to come in. Not a trickle – a deluge. You should be thankful, right? That so many people want to be on your show. It sounds like a blessing. But you know that from the thousands of applications that just hit your inbox, only a couple of hundred will make it to a shortlist, and of those only a handful onto the show.

So how do you find the next “It” person? Slowly. Manually. Going through each application one by one. Toggling between the software delivering you the applications and your quickly overflowing email inbox. Trying to marry up people and responses, sourcing more information where relevant, keeping track of the yes and maybe’s pile, all the while keeping in mind that your “favourites” still need to be vetted by the powers that be.

You really love your job and sometimes it can be a lot of fun but right now in the casting flurry, keeping all those individual applicants clear in your mind while trying to assemble your perfectly balanced cast… well, it’s a bit of a headache. If only there was a better way.

Well, now there is.



Lumi Applications and Registrations

Collect more quality applications, control every step of the process, and own your IP – forever.

Applicant friendly – Apply easily, from anywhere

Applying to be on a TV show is often an “in the moment” kind of thing. See a social media ad sitting on the bus or waiting for friends at the pub, click the link – you want them to apply then and there. Making it easy for them to do so is the ultimate goal.

That’s why we’ve created mobile-first, user-friendly forms, employing tech your applicants will be familiar with – access the form via QR code or web link, swipe through each screen, upload photos, videos, and media directly from the gallery on your device.

You can ask as many, or as few, questions in round 1 as you need to start making an assessment. It’s really easy to adjust on the fly so if you’re not getting what you need – change it up. Don’t need to ask every applicant every question? As you add to the “yes” or “maybe” pile, send out a second round of questions to dig a little deeper.

We realise that applicants sometimes get distracted and don’t make it through the whole process. That’s why we ensure that key information is verified and captured from the very first question. The result? You collect more quality applications.

Producer friendly – Easy set up

A simple form builder gives you the power to design your own, mobile-friendly application form. You can adjust the questions at any time and Lumi staff are always on hand to help out if needed.

  • Capture key details
  • Add your own questions
  • Ask for photos, videos and social media accounts.
  • Add your own branding, control the theme, add start and expiry dates.
  • Customise your T&C’s and key messaging

And collaborate with your team while doing so, at any time and from any location.

View applicants in a central inbox

All those applications aren’t going to sort themselves. You need an easy way to view applicant responses, see their photos, watch their videos and you don’t have time to be clicking in and out of different applications and screens to do so.

Lumi’s central inbox now gives you the ability to:

  • Set rapid review filters and process thousands of applications as they flow in.
  • See applicant responses and view media without leaving the inbox.
  • Sort, filter and refer by your most important criteria so the cream rises to the top, faster.
  • Assign a producer, add to your favourites, add to a yes, or maybe board so you can find them again quickly.
  • Missing some information? Send an email or text directly from the inbox and have the response received and filed to the appropriate candidate’s card automatically.
  • Track each applicant’s progress as they move through the process.

A powerful comms centre

Is there anything more frustrating than having to leave one platform and open another just to send an applicant an email or text? Or, maybe you can send them – but all their replies end up in your already overflowing inbox?

Our communication centre gives you the ability to both send and receive communication, via email/SMS, without ever leaving Lumi.

  • Bulk message applicants by email/SMS inside Lumi.
  • Send and receive files, reels, contracts, and consents – and have them automatically stored against the relevant applicant’s Card.

Optional: Fee recovery

The increasing volume of applicants means the time and cost to process each application and store the associated data securely, is also growing. That’s why we’ve built in an option to recover some of this cost via a discretionary micro-payment charge.

It won’t be for everyone or every show, but if you’re interested to know more, our team is available to show you how it works.

Move seamlessly through the stages of production

We know that finding your cast is just the beginning. The information you gather during pre-production is referred to again and again, through production, post, and post-TX. Keeping everything about the applicant/cast member in one place makes a lot of sense – nothing is ever lost, work isn’t duplicated, and the whole team is connected to the whole story.

  • Track anything you want to – talent, auditions, contributor welfare, challenges, shoots, etc.
  • Assemble Lumi Cards into running orders, visual pitch boards, trackers, lists, episodes, days, etc.
  • Lumi Cards link together so update once, update everywhere.
  • See a 360-degree overview of your project or dive into the detail with one click – the choice is yours.
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