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You had me at…Centralisation

Storing your organisation’s IP in the heads of a couple of overworked people is a bit like keeping your savings under the bed. It’s easily lost…not growing with interest. And it’s not leveraged by other members of any fluctuating, freelance team. This is the IP of your organisation. It’s critical. It should be banked. Easily accessed with one click. Forever. That’s centralisation

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Tips to getting a balanced cast

The art of casting

Casting is a delicate art form. There are seemingly obvious things to look out for like making sure a diverse, balanced range of people are cast in terms of ethnicity, gender, age etc. But what else do casting producers have on their checklist? Here are some of the top tips for getting the balance as close to perfect as possible.

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‘If it ‘ain’t broke, don’t fix it’?

Why do so many of us insist on sticking to the old ways?  Because it’s safe? Easier? Convenient?  Because we’re afraid to rock the boat? The cost of thinking ‘it’s almost right, so it’ll do for now’ is that you’re losing money, time, and the competition is speeding ahead of you. Having the courage to try something new makes better business sense. That’s a good enough reason to break out of the “comfort zone”.

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