Money can’t buy time but technology can

Content makers are increasingly looking to technology to help them save time and money

Content makers look for ways to keep up with demand

Anyone who has worked in TV or screen production is acutely aware that the typical workday is abundant with “noise”: taps on the shoulder, calls, email exchanges, and sudden changes in plans. As tends to happen when creative minds mix, a cocktail of new ideas, opportunities, and complexities arise; some add value, while others distract from and derail original program goals.

All of this erodes precious time.

Screen content producers in all their forms – streaming channels, broadcasters, independent production houses, and TV stations – are looking for increasingly efficient ways to keep up with the demand.

Many teams are still siloed because of location or the tools they have access to, and their piece of the project is often locked away from everyone else. Think casting sheets on isolated spreadsheets (or worse, paper), handwritten notes lost in transit (or translation, depending on the handwriting), and crew members encased in their own disconnected ecosystem and workflow, resulting in a lack of context, inefficiency, and miscommunication at every stage of creation.

Bringing all these elements together in a cohesive “meeting of the minds” is a gargantuan effort, and we know that executive producers – not to mention the downstream teams – spend hours getting everyone on the same page so the show can go on. Those on the front lines of fuelling this screen production revolution deserve a better, less stressful process.

Smart technology cuts through the ‘noise’ of typical content production

We’re in an interesting time of rapid digitisation, but creative production – including TV and other screen content production – is not yet seizing the opportunity to leverage technology to eliminate the clutter. Ironically, the opposite has happened: there’s a common theme of production crews stacking up small, different technology solutions that only solve one piece of the puzzle, adding to the complexity and disparity of their end-to-end process.

It’s easier than you think to digitise creative production – and honestly, the return on your investment is a no-brainer for creators of TV, movies, podcasts, videos, always-on sports networks (and everything in-between) who can all get back time to create and sell more of what they love – great content.

Lumi’s Collaborative Work Management platform provides a home base, a central source of truth, for every aspect of TV or screen content production. Powered by agile, collaborative lists, Lumi accelerates information sharing and workflow management. Each person involved works from a shared dashboard in a tool designed to organize how teams plan, capture, manage, collaborate, automate and report on work. Promoting transparency and accessibility, with the flexibility to adapt to the requirements of any production, Lumi can win back many hours spent combing through emails and text messages, playing detective, and the inevitable miscommunications of busy, fragmented teams.

Lumi enables true collaboration

  • Agile lists replace multiple, disjointed spreadsheets. Update in one list, and update that item automatically in all lists.
  • Reduce the dread of drowning in emails. Teams communicate and stay up-to-date directly through Lumi.
  • Connectivity with remote, irreplaceable talent is easier than ever. Every aspect of the project is accessible online by everyone any time.
  • Project statuses are updated in one place and visible to the whole team in real-time; creating efficiencies, providing context, and reducing the chances of miscommunication.
  • Ideas can be captured and assessed against program goals, then implemented if relevant. They can also be stored for future use without distracting from the project at hand.
  • Critical project information from all those clever freelancers doesn’t disappear when their task comes to an end.
  • No one is forced into a new ecosystem. Lumi is compatible with existing office tools, and individual dashboards are fully customisable.

In this brave new world of screen, processes must get smarter to seize the opportunities ahead. Imagine accessing your favourite creatives all over the world, enabling them to ignite your projects without limitations or physical borders. Imagine the time saved with paperless casting and auditions and live interactive scheduling. Imagine your whole team building, planning, and tracking all elements of the project in one place, protecting your IP in a secure, digital platform. No more scribbled notes, convoluted email trails, or wasted time trying to get updates through outmoded distribution chains.

Time is a commodity no one wants to waste. Discover how Lumi can help you cut through the distractions and take control of your next masterpiece.

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