Retaining valuable information and IP across productions saves time and money


Every industry faces the challenge of losing valuable intellectual property when team members move on to new employment.

This is dramatically magnified in TV and film production as teams of talented freelancers are often brought together for just a few weeks or months to work on a project before moving on to their next adventure. When a new season or just the next stage of production comes along, information collected and lessons learned often have to be either relearned or recreated.

When you think about it, there’s a tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom stored in the minds of everyone in the production team. That information can cover a wide variety of things. It can be casting notes, information about shooting locations, and specific information about what worked well in previous shoots. Great ideas you never had the chance to try and things that didn’t work out.

New technology has revolutionised how TV is physically made. But when it comes to storing, securing, sharing, and reusing that valuable intellectual property it is often still held in analog ways. Email, shared folders, whiteboards, and Post-it notes are still used frequently in the industry to manage the ever-changing array of information that needs to be collected and shared during a fast-moving production. This creates challenges during the production and squanders the opportunity of leveraging past learning and re-applying it.

Having a digital collaborative solution, in the cloud and accessible from anywhere, makes it easy to securely save and store information so all the crew has access to the latest information when they need it. This is incredibly powerful and means that when something new is learned it can be shared in real-time. When a producer looks at a piece of information, they need to be sure that they’re looking at the latest information and not something that might be hours out of date.

A unified platform that can manage all the details and stages of production can help teams hit the ground running. For example, as the Post Production team comes on board, notes taken during casting, field notes, and logs are easily related, sorted, categorised, and shared. Rather than being inundated with links to hundreds of documents and emails, with no clear view of what is what and how it is all related, a solution like Lumi provides the same information but delivers it in a way that is easily digested. Working on Pooch Perfect USA for Beyond Productions, Editor, Derek Jones commented “Being able to just hit the Lumi tab and step into it was so much easier than trying to wade through information on a common drive.”

A centralised solution like Lumi means that all the information that is created and shared during a production is held securely in a single location. This makes reusing the data across projects easier and ensures that valuable IP is not lost when people move on. When all your important information is in one place, it’s easier to secure it, retrieve it, and collaborate with it. Everyone knows there’s one place to go when they need something important, streamlining workflows and boosting productivity.

If you’ve ever worried about valuable ideas or crucial information walking out the door of your company every time a freelancer leaves, then it’s time to make a change.

Lumi. Media’s platform ensures that valuable information and IP is kept safe, is easily shared, and isn’t lost when the production team goes their own separate ways. It enables productions to be more efficient, knowledge to be retained for future use, and dramatically saves time while boosting collaboration. It frees your team to spend more time being creative and thinking of new innovative ideas.

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