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The challenge

Radio teams operate in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment, and getting a snapshot of the entire program slate at any point in time is difficult.

Many small teams work on daily programs – creating content, booking guests, managing sponsors and advertisers for each show – and are effectively siloed from each other. As a result, teams can unknowingly duplicate work, staying across changes and updates can be difficult, and the risk of missed opportunities increases.

Solving these challenges lies in bringing everything into one place, giving every person real-time information and immediate context for their role.

Make the most of your content

Leverage IP, increase visibility and reduce duplication

Spend less time trying to find and understand information

See everything

Connect teams dynamically

Reduce duplication

Leverage IP

Connect your teams dynamically

  • Real-time 3-dimensional views of your programs.
  • Centralised information – everything in one place.
  • Plan, strategise, and then communicate the plan up and down the line.
  • Understand visually what’s happening, when.



  • Don’t just track what is happening – actively increase efficiency and team productivity
  • Minimize duplication of effort
  • Reduce the potential for human error
  • Reduce file sharing and long email trails.
  • Enhance communication




  • Take a brief from a client, manage guest bookings and avails, compile research, and log interview transcripts in one unified hub.






  • Information is made available instantly to everyone else in the project.
  • No need to share documents, send emails or dig through files and folders to find what you’re looking for.




  • Move beyond complicated, one-dimensional spreadsheets
  • View and manage everything in one place – people, communication, avails, shows, archives, legal, schedules
  • Use the information in multiple ways, simultaneously
  • Every person can view information the way they need to without duplicating effort
  • Update once, update everywhere, for everyone


  • Improve the cohesiveness between teams with easily accessible, real-time information.
  • No more file sharing, printing, or emailing updates.
  • Everything in Lumi is available to everyone, as it happens.
  • The same information can be used by multiple people simultaneously in different ways.
  • Update once, update everywhere.


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Centralise and streamline

Digital whiteboards
  • Take the whiteboard out of the office and access it from anywhere at any time.
  • Update live – easily drag segments around to make changes on the run.
  • Visual, flexible, and 3D. Click into individuals Card from the Board to see more detail.
Talent and guests
  • Manage guest bookings and avails from your own talent database.
  • Protect your IP – a talent database can include contact details, availability, interview transcripts, social media links, interview questions, publicity & PR info, producer notes, red flags, photos, videos, paperwork, and more.
Planning and content
  • Work on a digitised daily show card and access from the team dashboard.
  • Everything in one place including rundown, ideas, contest sheets, music lists, news clippings, weblinks, prize information, notes from producers, audio files, sponsor mentions, highlights, and summaries.
Manage sponsors
  • With all departments working from the same place, it’s easy to ensure any client promises are kept.
  • Track sponsor mentions, timecodes, and prize information.
  • Ensure the promotions team and the content team are working together seamlessly.
Audio resources
  • Create a bank of audio resources for your team.
  • The PR Department need audio of the latest IV? Someone in Digital needs the same thing? A guest coming up and you need grabs from their last interview?  Upload and play audio clips within Lumi cards for quick access.
  • Advanced search helps you find what you need.
Executive overview
  • Maintain consistency in a changing environment while streamlining costs.
  • Increase executive visibility and oversight of the entire program slate.
  • Ensure consistency across channels and in new markets.

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