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Centralise production for improved visibility and control over every single project and resource

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Trying to keep up with the who, what, when, where, and why of your project?

Centralise your entire production team process in a cloud-based hub so that you can:

  • keep track of everything
  • leverage IP
  • improve visibility and control over every project and resource
  • produce great content while reducing costs and streamlining production
  • work sustainably

Access information from wherever you are, at any time.


Enable faster, more efficient production

Build a central network of information, improve visibility and get immediate context for every person in every role

Create more of the most
entertaining, informative and influential stories

Faster production

Centralised information

Maximise resources

Leverage IP

Traditionally, editorial and crew are two different entities with agendas that do not always seem to match.

The inclusion of crew and the directing team into the editorial direction and decisions has made communication easier and more effective. It allows everyone to know what has happened and what is expected to happen.

This allows for a more cohesive team that feels inclusive and involved in all areas of the process.

Jake Taylor - Director

Complete visibility and control of your project

  • Centralise your entire production process in one hub.
  • Stay across every aspect of the project – track production, access instant updates, create faster feedback loops, manage people, budgets, and resources.
  • View the most up-to-date information in 3D from any location.



  • Streamline onboarding
  • Connect night and day shifts in 24-hour turn-arounds
  • Live contribution from multiple locations
  • Get instant access to content from your team in the field.
  • Track sort, filter and find what you need.
  • Follow what has been shot, ingested, rough-cut, fine-cut, screened, and delivered.


  • Full oversight of your project – from anywhere, at any time
  • Do only what is necessary
  • Never duplicate anything
  • Plan better
  • Keep everyone on track
  • Flow information from editorial right through to promotions
  • Collaborate simultaneously in real-time



  • Ensure the money you spend ends up on-screen
  • Track the quality and highlights of your shoot in real-time
  • Template hot sheets or field notes.
  • Plan multiple episodes in one view
  • Visually understand what has been shot




  • Unify your team in a central hub
  • Focus your team and ensure nothing is ever done, or said twice
  • Synthesise, consolidate and multiply the whole team’s effort
  • Build a network of information and leverage IP




  • Slash your carbon footprint
  • Streamline technology
  • Reduce the number of single-purpose applications being used
  • Perfect for modern content production – including remote work.




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Everything you need in one place

  • Create candidate reports and visualisations.
  • Monitor progress via a live dashboard.
  • Slash your carbon footprint with paperless auditions.
  • Prepare your pitch to the network or client.
  • Everything about the challenge in one place.
  • Plan and schedule challenges and communicate up and down the line.
Story collection
  • Stories are collected at the source and made available to everyone instantly.
  • Track the quality and highlights of your shoot in real-time.
  • Understand what you have, see the gaps and then rate, sort, and plan episodes all within Lumi.
  • Everything from brief to delivery lives in Lumi.
  • Plan and communicate things once only.
  • See everything as it happens regardless of physical location.
  • Be immediately responsive to things that happen in the field.

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Lumi provided immediate context and real-time information to every person in every role. Information was disseminated instantly and updated for everyone automatically.

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Lumi enabled Pooch Perfect to be made in a shortened timeframe with a reduced budget by providing one source of truth in real-time, searchable, accurate, and complete.

You had me at…Centralisation

Storing your organisation’s IP in the heads of a couple of overworked people is a bit like keeping your savings under the bed. It’s easily lost…not growing with interest.


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