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Creative / Editorial teams work differently to others. They need systems and structure but not at the expense of creativity, or the creative process.

Individual contributors need to be connected to the whole story, in real-time to:

  • Have immediate context for their role, no matter when they join the project.
  • Spend less time trying to find and understand information.
  • Easily see and build on the stories being worked on by others in the project.
  • Work on scripts, briefs, build storyboards etc collaboratively, with version control capability.
  • Identify and track story threads through to the end, even if team members change throughout the project.

The key to solving all of these challenges lies in the ability to bring everything about the project into one place, to help every person to make the best decisions.

The entire team connected to the whole story

Everyone has immediate context for their role, no matter when they join a project, and from wherever they work.

Spend less time trying to find and understand information

See everything

Collaborate easily

Reduce duplication

Leverage IP

Lumi isn’t about substituting or over-systemising the creative process, it’s about giving me the opportunity to focus on the creative process more.

Sheldon Wynne - Senior Post Producer

Dynamically connect your team


  • Real-time 3-dimensional views of your project.
  • Choose to see macro overviews or delve into the micro detail, without ever leaving the hub.
  • Centralised information – everything about the project in one place.
  • Plan, strategise, and then communicate the plan up and down the line.
  • Understand visually what’s happening, when.
  • See your project grow in Lumi across time.



  • Take a brief from a client, collect notes in the field, compile research or archive material all in situ, in a single, unified hub.





  • Information is made available instantly to everyone else in the project.
  • No need to share documents, send emails or dig through files and folders to find what you’re looking for.





  • Collaborative editing means there is no need to send documents back and forth to make edits.
  • Scripts, storyboards, trackers, field notes, etc that you’re working on are instantly available for other team members to edit and build on.
  • Watch as they make edits in real-time.
  • Manage version control, leave comments for co-workers, and respond to their suggestions.


  • Casting, storyboarding, wardrobe, and location ideas all benefit from Lumi Visual Boards.
  • Replace the office whiteboard, post-it notes, and index cards with a digital board and take it everywhere you go.




  • Improve the cohesiveness between teams with easily accessible, real-time information.
  • No more file sharing, printing, or emailing updates.
  • Everything in Lumi is available to everyone, as it happens.
  • The same information can be used by multiple people simultaneously in different ways.
  • Update once, update everywhere.

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Everything you need in one place

  • Create candidate reports and visualisations.
  • Monitor progress via a live dashboard.
  • Slash your carbon footprint with paperless auditions.
  • Prepare your pitch to the network or client.
  • Everything about the challenge in one place.
  • Plan and schedule challenges and communicate up and down the line.
Story collection
  • Stories are collected at the source and made available to everyone instantly.
  • Track the quality and highlights of your shoot in real-time.
  • Understand what you have, see the gaps and then rate, sort, and plan episodes all within Lumi.
  • Everything from brief to delivery lives in Lumi.
  • Plan and communicate things once only.
  • See everything as it happens regardless of physical location.
  • Be immediately responsive to things that happen in the field.

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