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The challenge

Executing a creative or media campaign requires smart, talented people to come together to build and deliver on an idea and vision. People move in and out of the project as needed, but they must understand the vision and status of the project from the moment they step in for the project to run efficiently.

Client briefs, ideation workshop output, planning, research, storyboards, and schedules are integral to the project’s success. When information is spread across multiple systems and email inboxes, it can be difficult for the team to track where things are, who has done what, and find what they need when they need it.

Solving these challenges lies in bringing everything about the show into one place, giving every person real-time information and immediate context for their role.

The entire team connected to the whole story

Everyone has immediate context for their role, no matter when they join a project, and from wherever they work.

Spend less time trying to find and understand information

See everything

Connect teams dynamically

Reduce duplication

Leverage IP

As soon as I looked at the platform, I was impressed.

It ticked all the boxes as to what we required. Lumi shows us all our resources like a catalogue/tiles making it so much easier to find things quickly.

I love the flexibility and that I can connect many systems into one central spot. We now have one platform as our go-to, rather than 3 different ones which makes things much easier for everyone in our business.

Camilla Thompson - Managing Director - Select Wellness

Connect teams dynamically

  • Real-time 3-dimensional views of your project.
  • Centralised information – everything about the project in one place.
  • Plan, strategise, and then communicate the plan up and down the line.
  • Understand visually what’s happening, when.
  • See your project grow in Lumi across time.



  • Take a brief from a client, collect ideas, compile research, interviews, and storyboards in situ, all in one unified hub.






  • Information is made available instantly to everyone else in the project.
  • No need to share documents, send emails or dig through files and folders to find what you’re looking for.




  • Collaborative editing means there is no need to send documents back and forth to make edits.
  • Scripts, storyboards, trackers, field notes, etc that you’re working on are instantly available for other team members to edit and build on.
  • Watch as they make edits in real-time.
  • Manage version control, leave comments for co-workers, and respond to their suggestions.


  • Casting, storyboarding, wardrobe, and location ideas all benefit from Lumi Visual Boards.
  • Replace the office whiteboard, post-it notes, and index cards with a digital board and take it everywhere you go.




  • Improve the cohesiveness between teams with easily accessible, real-time information.
  • No more file sharing, printing, or emailing updates.
  • Everything in Lumi is available to everyone, as it happens.
  • The same information can be used by multiple people simultaneously in different ways.
  • Update once, update everywhere.


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Centralise and streamline

Work sustainably
  • Manage information in a dynamic online hub, accessible from anywhere.
  • Drive your team from a live dashboard in real-time.
  • Reduce the number of single-purpose applications being used.
  • Easily scale up/down the workforce to suit the load and have new staff up to speed quickly.
Streamline production
  • Full visibility of all projects – current, future, and past.
  • Streamline workflow, plan better and keep full oversight of teams.
  • Create templates for uniformity
  • Repurpose information to suit each project, team, or task
Manage the campaign
  • Manage each component of a campaign end-to-end in one hub
  • 3-dimensional macro/micro views for greater control
  • Access and update information from anywhere, in real-time.
IP now and forever
  • Build dynamic IP banks and protect organisational knowledge in one, secure environment.
  • Reduce costs by doing things only once.
  • Never lose an idea and ensure information doesn’t walk out the door.
  • Make the most of your content and easily manage archive material
Increase brand equity
  • Keep your promises, hold the project vision and deliver to expectations.
  • Increase executive visibility and oversight of projects in production.
  • Ensure consistency across channels and in new markets.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and lower costs.
Client management
  • With all departments working from the same place, it’s easy to ensure any client promises are kept.
  • Track client briefs and ensure the campaign is on target.
  • Help the integration and content teams work better together.

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