You’ve got a great format, now you need a great cast

Casting for reality television

Let’s ask ourselves a question, a question that is really fundamental to the success of casting an unscripted reality show … Does your show change people’s lives? If the answer is yes, then the way you cast your show is the most vital aspect of the production.

Take this thinking one step further and think about how your contestants currently apply to be part of the show. Is the application process inviting? Is it a rich and seamless one? Does the process truly reflect your show’s brand and energy? Does the application process give contestants the chance to really shine?

When someone is applying for an opportunity that has the potential to change their lives, they will want to do it with every fibre of their soul, to present themselves in the best possible light, to MAKE YOU WANT THEM and understand what they can bring to your show.

If your current casting process doesn’t allow for this, then it’s time to consider Lumi Casting, because that’s why we built it.

Built for producers, by producers, Lumi Casting is dynamic casting that enables your team to collect, collaborate and communicate in one place to make faster and more informed decisions.

This means you will:

  • Connect to your cast – providing a 100x better applicant experience.
  • Make the process fun and engaging
  • Achieve better casting options and present them in a visual and interactive way onscreen
  • Communication – Lumi does the heavy lifting, bulk communications and collaboration is easy
  • No double handling for your team – release them to do more
  • IP forever

So not only will being cast on your show potentially change someone’s life, both their lives and yours will be better along the way.

Lumi Casting – turn Applicants into Appli-cans!


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