Breaking down the silos in TV production

Great TV productions aren’t created by gifted individuals alone. They are made when talented individuals are able to collaborate to create something that is greater than their individual talent. For that to happen producers, writers, cast members, editors and all the other crew members need to have access to information and be equipped to easily store and share their knowledge and insight.

In any team-based collaborative activity, the ability to easily share information is critical to the success of that endeavour. When teams are small, that’s relatively easy. But in a complex project, such as producing a reality TV show, there are dozens of people working in their own smaller teams who collect and create information and share it with other teams. When this happens in an ad hoc way using a variety of different tools – everything from notes and emails through to spreadsheets and other apps – the ability to ensure everyone is looking at the same version of the truth at any given moment becomes almost impossible.

Through no-one’s fault, information becomes trapped in silos. As a result, critical information can be duplicated, broken into pieces with some details in one place while others are elsewhere, or held in someone’s memory only for it to be lost when they leave the production and move onto their next job.

In order to break down those information silos, production teams need a tool that makes it easy to store important information – everything from notes about shooting locations through to schedules and casting details – so that it can be easily updated and accessed reliably from anywhere on any device.

Having a tool that ticks all those boxes is when technology can shatter the silos. Cloud-based systems, where data and applications are stored securely and accessible over the internet, gives production teams centralised storage and access that is easier than ever before.

Lumi.Media’s platform is unique as it was designed by producers for producers. Instead of each team storing its own view of the production and sharing it using manual processes, Lumi provides a comprehensive solution that enables everyone on the production team to have access to information that is updated in real-time. When new information about a location is added, everyone in the team can see the update as soon as it happens. No more email blasts telling everyone something has changed. They can look at Lumi and trust that the most recent information is there.

Information silos are a risk to TV productions. When team members leave, you risk valuable intellectual property disappearing with them. Up-to-date information is crucial when producers need to make quick decisions. And silos waste time. Each time someone has to look for the latest version of information or sends a group email to let everyone know of a change there’s wasted time and the chance that not everyone ‘got the memo’.

A powerful, flexible, centralised system that is purpose-made to support the production of TV shows is a game-changer, enabling easier collaboration, boosting efficiency and productivity. It allows team members to quickly and easily share and access the most recent information, destroying information silos and making collaboration and innovation much easier.

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